Monday, November 7, 2011

Overdue Room Re-do

It is already November and there are so many things that happened this past summer that I never had time to write about! This was a tough summer, but we did manage to take care of a long overdue project in July - Amy's room re-do! 

A paint brush had not touched those walls since before she was born, and all her furniture was odds n ends from here and there, and repurposed nursery and little-girl items. She loved her old pink room, but was more than ready, as she approached her 14th birthday, for a new room. (Where does the time go? Certainly not into home decor around here!)

She chose purple for her new color, but that evolved into lavender. She was going to get rid of the floral wallpaper border around the top of her room at first, but then decided that she liked the way it looked after all, so kept it (for now). The pink sponge-painted hearts under the border and molding had to go, though. Hearts used to be her thing, but not so much now.

One corner of her room had wood paneling fashioned to resemble a fence, with a hand painted garden, dog, and butterflies around it. I painted this scene on her wall during the months before she was born. At first, she was going to remove the paneling and paint over the painting. She decided to keep it after all (aww! because it's mommy's painting!). 

I encouraged her to get rid of it - we have photos of it - she shouldn't feel any pressure to keep it just because I painted it. But she decided that it meant something to her after all, and that her room wouldn't be her room if it was gone. That could change tomorrow - which will  be fine - but for now, she has all new lavender walls except for this one section with the garden painting.

When the tape was removed and the new furniture put in place, the corner did seem to fit right in with her new look. She got a complete new set of furniture - bed, dresser, chest of drawers, night stand, desk, and hutch. It all matches! No more stuck drawers and grungy old items! 

We took down the wonderful play-loft Daddy had added to her room when she was 4 or 5 years old. (seems like it was added only a few months ago!)We also took up the old carpet that had been there forever, and now she has shiny new hardwood floors with a couple of lavender throw rugs. We still need a lamp or two, and some new linens would be nice, but it is almost, almost DONE!

Now the obvious next step in this post is to show you the completed room in all its glory. I would loooove to do that! I mean, a brand new room! You would certainly assume that the owner of this new room would be so happy and so proud of her new space that she would keep it clean and organized, and photo-ready. You would think she would be delighted to show off her new room!

Unfortunately, I failed to take photos of the finished room during the first couple of weeks. Huge mistake. The life of a teenager is messy, people, very messy. It comes in waves, and the room is not always a total mess, but it is always a mess if I happen to think about possibly taking a photo or two. Even though I fell for the earnest exclamations that "oh yes mommy, if I have a new room, I promise it will stay clean!" the sad fact is that it is not. And trust me on this one, you do not want to see a photo of it in its present state.

So, let's all use our imaginations. It has great potential to be a lovely room for a lovely teenaged girl. But let's also be real. Life can be very messy. Aaand, I'm not exactly a stellar example for her. Hey, we are busy around here!

Photos may or may not follow in a future post. Don't hold your breath.

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giftsofthejourney said...

I love that she kept the corner with your painting even though you encouraged her to feel free to change it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll soon see a complete room shot.