Sunday, December 11, 2011

2nd Annual Girls Only Trip to WDW!

I can't believe it is almost Christmas and I am sitting here writing a blog post as if I have nothing to do!!!

This is going to be quick. I hope I have a chance to write more later, but I hoped the same thing last year after our Disney trip and I never got around to writing about it. Time flies when you're having fun, so they say. This year must have been more fun than anyone could imagine, because time flew faster than ever!

Amy and I celebrated life, love, and happiness for a week right after Thanksgiving. It was our 2nd annual girls only special trip to DisneyWorld. We would love to have the boys along, but they have the annoying complications of a job and school. We so appreciate Daddy's job and his love and sponsorship, which allowed us the opportunity, and I am so proud of Zach's hard work and accomplishments at school, both of which I feel sure are going to result in a scholarship in a couple of years and therefore are contributing to our ability to take off for a delightful week in a very expensive location.

Amy is home schooled, so we have more control of her schedule, and she was between theatrical shows, so we jumped at the chance for an early Christmas gift and some girl time! The boys had a very difficult week with many complications, unforeseen when we planned and took off on our little trip, and I feel so guilty about that - about not being here to help out. But, we had a WONDERFUL time making cherished memories together! (My daughter still enjoys my company, but I know my time is limited. One day she won't want to go with mom, so I am going to take advantage of every opportunity while I can.) Our plan is to make this an annual thing for the rest of our lives. Good plan, huh?

Amy is 14 now so she is eligible to audition to be on the American Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios. She made it through 2 rounds of auditions and onto one of the daily shows! It was so much fun (since she is under 18, she had to have me with her for the whole process and I really enjoyed seeing all the behind-the-scenes stuff!) Here is a little video of some snapshots. Sadly we were not allowed to videotape the actual show. Copyright laws and such.


She didn't win, but she was very good, got some great comments from the judges, and had a blast!
I'm so proud of her - she is fearless.

We had so much fun. We rode Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom ten times in one day! We blasted off to Mars, we road-tested, we splashed, we soared. We sang, and we danced, and we browsed around the world in Epcot.

More later, probably some photos, and more tales of our adventure. But now, as I said at the beginning of this post, I can't believe it is almost Christmas and I am sitting here writing this! 

Off to decorate!

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Lori said...

well, the video works for me, but I understand it does not work for some. I don't know why. It is just a bunch of photos strung together and put to AI music. I will try to add a few individual photos at some later date. :)

I'm so sorry if it does not work, but I have no clue what is wrong, so I most likely won't be fixing it.
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